Mountain Walking In Snowdonia

If your idea of a refreshing break is to reach a mountain top by walkers’ routes then mountain walking in Snowdonia will be right up your street! You can either take a guide who will chose routes tailored to the weather, your abilities and wishes or you can take the journey yourself.

Hill Walking

We have two different walks that cover a weekend that are popular with hikers and each emphasising different goals On both you would aim to reach the top of a mountain on most days. Hence you should be fit enough to walk for about seven hours a day (including stops!) including at least 2,000 feet of ascent often over rough ground and with some steep slopes.

Hiking The Uncrowded Mountains

Over these long weekends you can get a guide who can share their knowledge of the quiet routes to the tops undiscovered by the usual weekend walker. This is the break for you if you’ve done some longer (over 3 hours) lowland or moorland walking but want to find out if mountain hikes are for you. This is also the break for you if know you like mountain walking but don’t want to follow the crowds and tick off the main popular peaks. You probably want the confidence of having a local guide to take care of the route-finding whilst you recharge your batteries with a hike off the beaten track.

Walk Snowdonia’s Classic Peaks

If you’ve done some hill walking before (or are a fit beginner) and want to touch the summits of Snowdonia’s well-known “must-do” peaks such as climbing Snowdon, Tryfan, Cadair Idris, Carnedd Llewelwyn and so forth then this is the break for you. You should aim to ascend one of these each day – but by walkers’ routes – so don’t worry no roped climbing involved!

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