How To Tie a Bowline

The rabbit comes out of the hole around the tree and then back down his hole.

Then you should have something looking like the above.

The bowline has a tendency to work loose so it is important to tie a “stopper knot”.

Ropes, Cables, Wires and Cords

When learning how to tie a bowline knot you can use a variety of everyday items from bits of string to shoe laces, you can even use bits of wire or cable. On that subject, I had a bit of a move around in my living room at the weekend and came across a problem. I wanted my TV moved over the other side of the room but when I moved my television I realised that I could not bring the sky box over as the leads were too short. After some frustration, I went online and came across a website that sells sky extension cables and other wiring for your sky box for only £6.99 including delivery. Once I had installed the cables I had a bit left over and now have around a foot of wire that I can use to practice my knot work! You really can use anything and this stuff works great.