Shark vs Dyson: The Verdict on Which Vacuum Brand is Better

March 14th, 2015

Aside from all the factors being considered before purchasing a vacuum cleaner, brands, also, play a vital role in choosing what type of vacuum cleaner to buy and use. People tend to buy technologies under their trusted band because they’re sure of its quality performance – regardless of the price. Brands are not just labels. Brands, somehow, tell you an insight of the kind of performance and quality a particular technology has.

Shark and Dyson are one of the two most trusted brands when it comes to vacuum cleaners.

Both brand labels produced high-quality vacuum cleaners that people are patronizing all across the globe.

These vacuum cleaners have, indeed, imposed a great help to each household in maintaining a clean and healthy environment. It reduced cleaning time into a much shorter process, giving everyone more time for leisure and fun. Among many brands, Shark and Dyson have been the most influential vacuum cleaners there is in the market.


Both Shark and Dyson vacuums can be used interchangeably for either carpeted or non-carpeted floors. vacuum bags of both brands are clear, plastic dust containers that only needs to be emptied once it’s filled with dust and other particles. They also have special features which makes the cleaner more versatile than any other cleaner. Aside from the features, both companies brag that their cleaners never lose suction and won’t clog resulting to a much better cleaning performance. However, Dyson vacuum cleaners are relatively more expensive than Shark vacuums. With all these, the debate over which brand is truly better than the other has started.

Which is better?

If you look at it, these two brands have similarities especially in their vacuum cleaners. Both brands commendable and have seemingly endless positive reviews painting an overall picture that these two brands are, indeed, excellent choices. These brands are usually competing against each other for their market share.

However, the debate over which brand produces high quality cleaners more and performs better has been prolonging the cleaner market for quite a long time. Of course, there are certain factors to consider in identifying which brand is more credible such as: (a) high quality performance, (b) battery life, (c) cleaning technology, and (d) price.

These two brands definitely have slight edges over the other. These brands have certain specialization that they have already mastered throughout the years. Their specialties may help us finally come up with a conclusion on which brand is definitely better. Here are a few:

  • Dyson is best for cleaning up pet hair- Many pet owners prefer Dyson cleaners in cleaning up pet hair – and that is Dyson’s edge over Shark. Dyson has a specific line of vacuums dedicated to help pet owners clean up their pet’s hair may it be on tight places like the carpet of merely on floor. The “animal” line works exceptionally well as it can remove thin and thick pet hair anywhere in your house.
  • Shark is an ideal lightweight vacuum worth the money- Weight plays a big role in cleaning. If a particular vacuum cleaner is heavy, there will be tendencies that the house will not be spotless clean due to its difficulty in maneuvering. Where weight is definitely a factor, Shark winds hands down. Lightweight vacuums are ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach places and perfect for large homes with several levels. Relatively lighter than Dyson, Shark can clean wider range and higher places that any Dyson vacuum cleaner could clean.
  • Dyson is innovative and has unique designs- This is the department that sets Dyson apart from Shark products. Those unique designs and features are not just made to be pleasing to the eyes, Dyson’s one-of-a-kind features have great purposes that improve its cleaning performance (i.e. rotating balls, adds to increased suction capability and easy turning capability especially in tight spaces). Also, Dyson is very resistant as it can be used regularly for how many years without the need of repairing it frequently. If in case it’s broken, lucky you, Dyson has a 5-year warranty.
  • Sharks stack up well- Sharks are like Hyundai of vacuums. They may not have the ultimate product there is in the market, Sharks work exceptionally worthy of the price. Also, like Dyson, there is a good warranty on their products if ever something miserable happens with the machine. Though there were negative feedbacks, they were clearly outnumbered by those who are satisfied with the kind of service Sharks give to its users.

Dyson vs Shark: The Products

As aforementioned (and as we talk about it on our homepage), these two brands have produced high-quality vacuums – upright and handheld – that are a huge help in keeping your house spotless clean. The vacuum cleaners perform exceptionally well and can be considered the best of its types. These vacuums may have different features but they are unified by one function: to keep the house free from any type of dirt and dusts.

Here are some of the best and commendable vacuum cleaners brands Shark and Dyson have produced.


  1. Dyson DC41 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Tangle-free Turbine Tool- This cleaner is ideal for removing pet-hair in any surface of your house. It has special features and accessories were designed to help clean difficult to remove pet hair.
  1. Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi floor cordless vacuum cleaner- With this, worry no more about the location. Being cordless, no cords that must be plugged will be limiting you to clean hard-to-reach places and no wires will be tangled up that may prevent clumsy folks from tripping over. Dyson DC35 is ideal for cleaning around the house, car, motor home, etc…
  1. Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner- Cleans carpets and floors better than Hoover. It, also, has special features that were attached to improve the quality of cleaning DC33 has (i.e long telescopic handle, handle on top, simple one button push).


  1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E)- Traps 99.99% of dust and other allergens inside the canister with its cyclonic power technology. Easy to maneuver around your house avoiding objects resulting to a thorough clean surface than ever before. Also, special features are available that will improve the quality of Shark’s cleaning (i.e a hard floor attachment with a pad for picking up dust on the wood or tile floors, dusting brush nozzle ideal for shelves and hard to reach places, two hard to reach crevice tool attachments, and a brush designed to remove pet hair.)
  1. Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright (HV302)- Has the power of an upright but the weight of a compact vacuum. This only weighs 7lbs, ideal for going upstairs or taking with you in any parts of your house.

  1. Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum (NV502)- 3 in 1 (upright, liftaway, and canister) and has many of the same features as the Professional Upright Standard. Canister is for easy mobility, to allow the cleaner to easily move it to any place you’d like. Shark NV502 also has a built-in technology to make it quiet and non-disruptive to other homes.

The winner:

It’s hard to choose between the two so there is no absolute winner. As apprehended, both of these brands have edges over the other making them stand out from the market. They have their own specialty of work wherein they can perform more effective and efficient. By the fact that Dyson and Shark are getting positive reviews means that both are working exceptionally well or at par with everybody’s expectations. There are flaws; of course, even the best machine created with the best materials can fail sometimes. These two brands may be a lot different from each other but they are, undoubtedly, making the lives of the consumers more comfortable. Your preference between Dyson and Shark will be depending on the kind of function you want the cleaner to use for. At the end of the day, it will still boil down to you. It’s going to be your choice.

How the Best Triturating Juicers Can Help You Vitalize Yourself and Achieve More in life

February 25th, 2015

It is vital to have an intake of at least 6 servings for fruits and veggies per day says experts, but the truth is not a lot of people are able to do that. So that’s where juicing comes in, since it’s an easy and guaranteed way to reach your required nutritional value for fruits and vegetables.

Drinking fresh juice made from fruits and veggies has a lot of health benefits. It is a great way to add vital enzymes and nutrients to your diet that is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, all without having to eat fruits and veggies that you normally wouldn’t even touch. Juices retain most of the vitamins and chemicals found in the whole version of the food so that’s why it’s a great alternative if you can’t stomach eating them by themselves.

Since you want to live a healthier lifestyle, a good juicing plan is essential. Juicing is a great way to get all the micronutrients you need from whole foods, because heat can damage this sensitive micronutrients that your body needs. Cooked and process foods can destroy micronutrients which in turn make the food a lot healthier when it was fresh. It is a great way to receive all the essential micronutrients and enzymes that your body need from whole foods.

fruit juice

Benefits of Juicing

1.      It helps us absorb all the essential nutrients from whole and unprocessed produce. Since eating an unhealthy diet has given almost everyone (me included) impaired digestion, which limits our body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the food, which is a needy by our body. So juicing will help you in “pre-digesting” your food for you, so your body can absorb almost all the nutrition in your food instead it just going down with the toilet.

2.      Juicing can help you had a more types of vegetables to your diet, since a lot of people eat the same type of fruits and veggies regularly, which isn’t ideal since regular food rotation is needed. Also, eating the same type of food can increase your chances of developing food allergies to that specific food. This more balanced diet can also result in much higher hair and skin quality, too.

3.      Juicing allows you to reach your optimal vegetable intake in a very efficient manner, since it could be easily achieved with a glass of vegetable juice.

A triturating juicer (read reviews here) has a interlocking gear system, operates on a low speed at 80-160 RPM and has precision blades that has a 0.01 mm blades so it eliminates oxidation of the juices and can thoroughly release all the nutrients, enzymes and phytochemicals from the fruit and veggies. This nutrients can help prevent a multitude of diseases.

Juicing Tips

1.      Only use produce that are organically grown and have no pesticides because they could be harmful for your health and kinds of contradict the healthy lifestyle you want.

2.      If you are a juicing beginner you should start of with fruits and veggies that are easier to digest until you have fully acclimatized with a juicing diet that you can start adding more advanced herbs that have great benefits.

3.      You should drink your juice right away since it can go bad quickly if not stored properly. To prolong the juice’s life you should immediately put it in a the fridge or put it in a glass jar with the little to no air because oxidation can damage the juice.

What Diseases Juicing can prevent

The said nutrients found in whole foods that can still be retained when juicing can be helpful in protecting you again cardiovascular diseases, caner and various inflammatory diseases.

False Claims about Juicing

It is true that juicing is healthy, but it is in no way healthier than eating whole foods. Juicing can take out fiber in whole foods. Fiber is important for our digestive system and gives a lot of health benefits. Juicing just makes consumption of food and vegetables easier. So juicing can be good for your health, but do not. I repeat, do not, go with an only juice diet because it can be bad to your health, because of the lack of other essential nutrients in your body.


Nutrition Types

According to medical studies conducted about nutritional typing, that if you are a carbohydrates type, juicing with lots of vegetables is recommended.  If you are a protein type , you need to be careful and follow some juicing guidelines.

For protein types, celery, asparagus, string beans, spinach and cauliflower are the best choices, also dark leafy green veggies like collards, kale and dandelion greens are also good, but you should watch how your body reacts carefully. Protein type metabolism needs high amounts of fat in their diet, so be sure to add sources of fat in your juice like, butter, raw cream, avocado, coconut butter, raw eggs. Also, adding the pulp is also a good way to add much needed protein to your juice. The suggested serving size for protein types are no more than 6 oz.

Women Beauty Tips Part 2 – Hairstyles and Hair Beauty Products

February 11th, 2014

So as we promised, this time we brought you a brand new post about fashion for women. This is part 2 of the fashion series we promised, you can find the first part here.

So let’s get down to business. This post will discuss the most popular hairstyle trends, why you should use hair extensions to take care of your hair so much quicker, and why people should definitely ride the “ombre hairstyle effect” wave before it goes too mainstream.

Thanks for reading and let’s get started!


Hairstyle is The Most Important Beauty Factor of a Women

The first and most important thing we should discuss is that eventually all women and men lose most of their hair. You probably can’t fight it and maybe even shouldn’t because there exist a terrific solution: wigs and hair extensions.

While many women especially in their youth would hate to even think about wearing wigs, they have no idea what they are missing out on.

Wigs and hair extensions are worn by many famous people, because they let them get their hairstyle ready and beautiful in literally just a few seconds, by putting on a wig cap and donning their wigs.

Can’t get any easier that that right? I mean, once you know what it’s like to spend hundreds of dollars, or in some cases thousands of dollars, at a hair dresser, you know what me mean when we say that it’s very time consuming to sit there and watch your money get wasted… while you could easily solve this problem by getting wigs instead.

But fine, if you don’t want to get yourself a pair of beautiful, natural human hair wigs like these, there’s a less radical solution:

Hair Extensions for Fashion and Women Hairstyle

As you probably noticed nowadays, the Ombre hairstyle effect is spreading in the world like crazy. There are many women who dye their hair in many different colors because it counts very cool nowadays. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it for yourself if you don’t want to “ruin” your hair forever. You can simply use Ombre hair extensions and clip ins like these and get away a lot cheaper. You could then even change your hair from day to day and use different color Ombre effects. How cool would that be?

Wigs Have No Known Negative Side Effects to Mankind

You may be wondering if you’re a very cautious mother for example, what will happen to your natural hairstyle and hair if you shove it under a wig cap all day everyday. Won’t it get ruined like totally?

And fortunately, NOT! Wigs can absolutely not have any negative effect on the natural hair of those wearing them, because they have been constructed that way.

So that’s it. We hope you learned a ton of new and useful information about how to keep up with the latest styles and trends in the women hairstyle department.

Even if you already know this stuff, we hope we managed to convince you to at least consider wearing wigs from now on.

As we already said, a lot of famous superstars and actresses wear wigs all the time, so why should you be left out of all the fun?

Even more importantly, when there are so cool hairstyle trends all over the world like the Ombre hair effect, why would you have to wait at the sidelines and watch other have fun while your hair remains the same old boring style?

As you can see, wigs and hair extensions are the real solution’s to your problem! Go and get them at the resources we listed above so that you can start looking fashionable and “cool” right away!

Women Beauty Tips Part 1 – All About False Eyelash Extensions

February 9th, 2014

We promised to bring you many fashion related posts on this site, so we decided to do a fashion series that will consist of two parts. The first part will be about fake lashes and other face related beauty products, while Part 2 of the series will be about hairstyle advice.

So let’s bring it on for today’s topic: all you ever wanted to know about false eyelashes.

Things to Know about Fake Lashes

First of all, we’d like you to have a look at this beauty tips video to have a general understanding about what false lashes are and why so many women (and even men!) use them with so much love.

This way at least now you know how to clean these lashes and why so many people like to keep them clean. The first and most important thin according to experts when it comes to the cleaning of false lashes is the glue. The glue will make or break the final result of how much dirt is going to get collected on your lashes.

Of course, this means that choosing the best eyelash glue is key to looking good in fake lashes.

This is why you should always look at how your eyelashes are packed. Do they include glue? Do they come individually or in a string of artificial lashes?

These are all very important details, and you can learn more about the ins and outs of what makes a good false eyelash by visiting this website.

Beauty Products for Face

As we said, the second part of our article today is all about beauty products for your face. The important thing to remember is that there are literally tons of different make ups, eye liners and products on the market. Many of them offer miracles and making even ugly chicks beautiful overnight, but we hope you have enough sense to know that many of them are not true.

For example, this website is the best when it comes to reviewing beauty products and self esteem. If you read its content and see that they promise something, you can rest assured in the thought that they are telling the truth and that you will see all the benefits that they promised.

Conclusion on Fake Eyelashes and Facial Beauty

All in all, we ‘d like to point out that Bradley University is absolutely right: women with low self esteem usually fall into the wrong mindset of thinking that their value is determined by how the you look. While in reality, since no one can control their physical appearance, women’s value should be determined by what’s on the inside, and not by outer looks.

This is why we’d like to call your attention that while we are big fans of fashion and dispensing fashion advice, we don’t think that your primary focus in life should be on how you look.

You should put a lot more emphasis on living life to the fullest… that’s what every good lifestyle design coach will tell you:

  • eat healthy
  • do lots of sports
  • go hiking, traveling and such
  • and don’t put your body’s beauty above your other priorities.

Marriage and children for example are far more important than what you see when you look into the mirror.

That’s just our opinion of course, but we seriously hope that you won’t think anything different.

Thanks for spending 6 minutes of your time to read about our beauty and fashion advice, see you soon!

Women Clothing and Jewelry Advice from Experts

February 3rd, 2014

Having exclusive jewelry and luxurious silk clothes is not going to make you look beautiful by itself.l You also need to learn how to wear them in order to look really impressive. Even the richest women have stylists and they spend good money for their advice, for a simple reason…

Learning how to wear diamonds is not a second-nature thing that can be mastered by anyone. It takes a lot of experience, and if you’re not much of a diamond wearer that this article is here to tell you basic rules of how to wear expensive and status symbol jewelry.

stylist advice for wearing jewelry

Diamond Wearing Advice for Women 101

The very most important thing when it comes to wearing jewelry is to know which piece of gemstones go where. For example if you have a necklace, don’t try to put it on your wrist.

This is obvious at first glance, but you would be surprised how many women wear their diamond necklaces or rings as a bracelet and vice-versa.

To help you avoid this very common mistake, we put together below the most trusted website that talks about how to wear exclusive jewelry. Please visit this link and read their guide extensively, since they will tell you everything about how to wear these very expensive items and take care of them the correct way. If you follow their advice, you’ll be guaranteed to make a good impression at social events and make your fellow women friends very jealous of you.

Halo Diamond Rings Are The Easiest to Wear and Look The Best

This is a little secret so don’t go out there spreading it all over the place, but wearing halo engagement rings and similar jewels is the best way to look really really high-class with the least amount of work. If you ever looked at a girl or women who was wearing a halo style ring you know that this is true.

Another very good way to look good and wear earrings, if you know how to put together the right color combinations. As you know there are diamonds and gemstones in many different shapes and colors, so you definitely can play around with the colors and fashion.

We recommend you check out this guide on how to combine colors with clothing and jewelry as a real stylist to bring the most out of your collection.

We’ve read the above mentioned guides and every time we learned very practical and useful information, and it helped us become better women and more good looking.

We definitely hope that the above mentioned resources will help you, too, become better looking and that your men or husband or boyfriend will give you many praising words.

In the meantime, come back often and read all our other articles and posts as well. You won’t be disappointed by the quality, and we have many very interesting themes and topics to cover in the near future.

Welcome to HighTrek – The #1 Women Lifestyle Guide on the Net

January 3rd, 2014

We’re so please you’re here to read our very first post on this website. As you probably know from our about us page, we strive to write valuable articles and posts here that will help you lead a better life as a women. We will write about

  • sports
  • dating
  • relationships
  • women’s fashion (jewelry, gifts etc…)
  • cooking and recipes
  • travel, backpacking, hiking, mountaineering
  • health for women
  • and many other related topics.

lifestyle advice for women

The goal of our site is to provide you a one-stop resource about all these topics. This means that if you follow our blog, you’ll be guarantee to be part of a community that will help you get the most out of your life.

We have many women and men editors here as well, so we’ll be able to cover topics from both sides of the coins, giving you a better and more clear picture than other women lifestyle blogs such as Women’s Day.

And we’ll try to publish these articles and post as frequently as possible, while also trying to keep the site as ad and distraction free as we can.

Women Lifestyle Tips and Secrets

So that’s the gist of what we wanted to cover.

OF course no women lifestyle magazine or blog could do anything without having a sections dedicated to fashion. Fashion will play a very important role on this website, mainly because we have many fashion experts amongst our editors.

We’ll write about what to wear to look good, how to take care if your hair and clothing while traveling or hiking, how to look good, what beauty products to use to make your face look so much more beautiful, what jewelry and extra accessories to wear to make men fall in love with you, and we’ll even publish articles on weddings and engagement rings.

Marriage advice will also be included on this site, including cooking tips, how to live together in the first few months, how to look after children and so on.

We’re pleased to announce that we have a lot of common connections with Oprah so her advice will also be featured here and many times we will link out to other resources such as Oprah’s site to give you a fuller, more understandable expatiation on many topics.

Travel Section

Needless to say that in our modern society, more and more women try to take charge of their live and try their luck abroad by taking a round the world trip or something similar. They also try adventurous sports such as hiking, backpacking and mountain climbing, which so great to see.

We will, for this purpose, offer a lot of advice related to these topics, so that all women who want to travel the world can do so and stay beautiful and attractive, and have meaningful relationship as well.

After all, women may be independent, but everyone needs a constant somebody to love him or her, so marriage should be the end goal, no matter what self help gurus say.

Thanks a lot for giving our site a test read, we’ll start publishing our content and women lifestyle tips as soon as we can!